April 2018 Resident On Display: Janet Gwilliam

Janet Sparks Gwilliam was born and raised in South Africa where as a child of eight years, she and her sister were put in a Catholic boarding school. During that time, she was taught to play the piano by a most enthusiastic nun, and was also introduced to art. She learned to love both with a passion. When she graduated from high school, she received high honors in Art and English. The family later joined the LDS Church and moved from South Africa to Canada, then to New Zealand and finally to the U.S. where Janet attended BYU majoring in Art with a minor in English. Although she continued to draw and paint throughout her childhood, she was taught very well at the “Y”, especially in watercolor. She slowly developed a love for that medium and has sold and given away paintings over the years. She has participated each year in the Murray Art Exhibition. Murray City has purchased one of her paintings for the City’s fine art collection.

Murray Resident on Display Program

Murray Cultural Arts has set aside a central display case at City Hall for our  Murray Resident On Display exhibit, featuring the work of a practicing Murray artist. Our exhibits feature a new artist each month. Come see our amazing artists and their work! City Hall hours are Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. Closed on weekends.

Sales are referred to the artist.

Upcoming Resident On Display Exhibits:
May 2018: Marjorie Anderson
June 2018: Alexis Merz
July 2018: Jon Whitney

Murray artists! If you would like to be considered for our Murray Resident on Display series, contact Lori Edmunds via email.

Murray Resident On Display